From The N O Cometh - Warmup Sketch

January 12, 2015

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Today's warmup post lunch, getting ready to pencil some comic pages - this week I've decided the theme for warmups will be 'tributes to favorite anime'. Starting it off is one of the vivid images that come to mind when thinking of this awesome 6 episode anime. I even have the two volume manga which is a good deal different in story portrayal but equaly as original and awesome. FLCL baby.
About 15 minutes in Sketchbook Pro with Wacom Intuos 2 Stylus. Not trying to be accurate to model or the exact character designs of this scene just paying homage/ doing it my own style. Fun stuff.
N O was the energy that was used to create portals in naota's forehead and the pirate king atomsk.
If you haven't seen the 6 episodes of FLCL, you are missing something. And you should watch it several times over and over to catch things you missed previously, and to get all the metaphors laced throughout.

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