Saiyan Sketch - Warmup

January 13, 2015

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Didn't feel like doing too long a warmup this morning. Got work I need to jump on but took the time to scratch around in Sketchbook and draw some DBZ homage. Not necessarily adhering to accurate character design or anything just representing the show/ super saiyan characters in general. Continuing the trend of 'fav animes' homages this week in my warmups/ practice sketches. Big fan of the general idea and concept and time line of Dragon Ball/ Dragon Ball Z - but just have a supe rhard time getting past the juvenile dialogue and the slow slow pace. The movies are really where its at for the most part. But done right, could make an amazing movie trilogy. First one he goes super saiyan, second one he finds out he can go super saiyan 2, then 3rd one maybe he goes super sayan 4 or something. The endless training, striving to get more powerful and improve and the new power levels and new threats (challenges) is the coolest part of the show.

Alrighty, onto TnC and UTMNT rest of the day.

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