Gnome Left Behind

January 22, 2015

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A warmup this morning, spent more time on than should have but needed it. Got some page inks to do here this morning and my hand was JUST not warmed up ready to ink. So, with inkscape and the nib brush i worked out the kinks. I really do enjoy playing with exaggerated proportions a lot. Like wide nose bridges, big teeth, deep inset eyes, and big forearms. Had fun with some textures in this inking sketch as well, like the texture of the fabric of the scarf, the hair on the skin and the fuzzy of the hat. Started thinking of all kinds of gnome puns like instead of no man left behind, 'gnome man left behind' or 'gnome for the winter' or 'happy and you gnome it' and instead of garden gnome - 'guardian gnome'

Anywho, onto get those pages inked. Also fyi, the folks who visit this site and read these posts will hear it first, there will be a new format for evening Livestream events. Starting next week EWG Livestream Nights will be Wednesdays and in most cases be dedicated to discount live sketch nights. Stay tuned, get your pay-pals warmed up and look for the ad to post before the weekend.

In other news, I will be wittling away at things that are taking up time or not leading to any constructive improvement/ benefit. Will shed unnecessary art groups and other extra curriculars as well as getting my core clients in a row so i'm making what i need to make each month but not stressing over acquiring a lot of individual commissions all the time. All geared towards a less stressful lifestyle - work/ living coexistence hhopefully. Heading through the first quarter of the new year, I will also be reevaluating prices, and redesigning the pricelist. I have accumulated time sheet data over the last year that will go to more accurately compensating for the average completion time of a given job. Especially comic work. I believe, to do those as well as I can I have to spend a lot more time on them and when I do, I'm just losing money I should be making.  Character art and design are about right. But comic work is monstrously time consuming. So this will have to see some shift one way or another.

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