Snake and Eagle - Finished Work and Process Video

January 30, 2015

#snake #eagle #mexico #coatofarms #aztec #legend #mortalenemies #sketchbook #inkscape #photoshop

Eryck here, writing some notes about this piece this evening. I finished this awesome commission today for a great client. Initially tossed him a sketch while working on my tablet on Monday but I missed the mark a bit, and the client required changes. Today (Friday) I took his notes and reworked the pencils from the original sketch and when I was happy with the new sketch, I jumped over straight into inks and colors. He seems to be very happy with the finished result, which makes me happy. I also finished producing his process video for this piece which he purchased. The ability to own a edited and polished video of the making of your commission is a fairly new item. When one purchases this item, you get a highquality mp4 recording of the process (which was worked on for hours) between 5 to 10 minutes, that doesnt require much commitment to watching it and still provides a thrilling look behind the scenes of an EWG commission's process. The video is sped up, cropped in places for better transition and set to some inspiring music. Add a intro logo and the client is left with an enjoyable presentation of the art they commissioned. 
I liked this one so much I thought I'd toss it up on EWG YouTube and share it with folks on the site. Can view the embedded video below. Enjoy, and be sure to leave any comments or questions below!

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