Planting Roots - Sketchy Doodle

February 1, 2015

Just doing some Sketchbook Pro doodling tonight. Excited about new transitions in life for my wife and I. Gotta express it a bit in my doodles. Funny how kid-like and cartoony it came out. But its a childhood sized dream in feeling. But this one is coming true :)


  1. Lisandro Gutierrez said...:

    Happy to hear that. I'm excited for you guys!!!

  1. Eryck Webb said...:

    Thanks sir! The house is officialy ours. Have started the long long task of cleaning everything and maybe some painting then moving everything in there. But yeah, love it. Still don't believe it. And the entire third floor/ half floor (attic?) is my space to setup my ultimate EWG studio/ can hold all my figures and art books and comics and samples of work I've done. Will be awesome. Very excited.

  1. Eryck Webb said...:

    Was just trying to post picture of the the 3rd floor not that other one from the sketchnight lol. ah well

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