Daily Discipline: OctoCrustacean

July 6, 2017

#drawing #creative #inkscape #dailydiscipline #daily #drawing #sketch #discipline

Some daily discipline today! Inspired by an Octopus artwork MightyMae was working on on her stream today. Had it on in the background whilst doing my drawing practice. The idea was kinda design my own Octopus and it took off and ended up with this lol. Fun just taking a general notion and running and exploring shapes and angles and seeing what comes out. Time spent was bout an hour in Inkscape - fun stuff! Incase you didn't know, I'm taking the rest of the week off and recuperating after a long but fun  holidayweekend and look forward to returning to streaming and drawing for folks live on Monday! Please look forward to it as well as some new surprises/ changes. Draw for you then! 
Draw every day :) 

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