Drawing Request Show 266 Recap

July 20, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! I try to average around 7 drawings per show and this ones a bit above par so can't complain. That list has whittled down real low love it, I think the two requests per stream limit helps keep that changeup of who im drawing for at a nice consistent variety. I consolidated a lot of miscellaneous TBDs into the retainer so as far as the active request list, we're down to 10 requests! Not including those who during the stream pull out of their retainer for drawings. But I rather draw for the active participants that way anyways. If you think you have been skipped, make sure to use !ewlist in the chat to check the master list. Its up to participants to check that list and pull their requests out. I anxiously wait for a 'skipped' date to reach 30 days so i can remove it! So grab it while you can. Retainer has 4 months of never seeing a person before i remove their retainer. There are those top 10 supporters who i know will never have to worry about that. Also I tend to put them back on the list at the end of each show. Anywho lots of fun stuff. I think my favs from this are the inked pieces and the colors on the TF5 hotrod gull for Hamiltoons. Sorry again Hamiltoons as I know your a big fan of the movies and I hate that I got on a rant about how under par i felt the new Transformers movie was. I really enjoyed the 8 min drawings of this batch the most, the amazon girl, the rom space knight ( ok that was 10) and the chibi yoyo kid. Really makes me wanna cap sketches at no more than 10. Anywho, thank you so much everyone. We will do it one more time tomorrow. Color upgrades on flats Kiwi has ready for me 10am Eastern tomorrow and then 2pm ET more drawing request show! Looking forward to it. See you all then! 

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