TWITCH: A couple favorites from today

July 11, 2019

My best wonder woman to date. A fierce, hard as nails amazon warrior that can go toe to toe with superman

I've been enjoying the 'beauty and beast' aspect of some of these woman and alien requests. I use the alien environment and body as a backdrop for the contrasting woman's body, really fun.

Yep, thats 15 minutes of drawing and shading on a city sized factory concept

I love this 'grunge style' its not quite splotchy style or ink sketch style its something all its own. Really fun request with lots of brain-pleasing negative space and silhouette shapes

#drawing #twitch #streaming #rocking

All art sent! See Yew and the CRew tomorrow same drawing channel ( ) Same drawing time ( 1pm EST/ EDT ) for more! And a 15 minute drawing giveaway i forgot to do today. Heres some favorites from today!! Goodnight!!!

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