SKETCHBOOK: Grape Ape Warmup

July 31, 2019

#ape #grape #hannabarbera #cartoon #retro #80s #grapeape #wacom #inkscape #intuospro

A warmup sketch of Grape Ape in Inkscape this morning to start my day. Had the idea to draw this character, after being inspired by a recent 'Fred Flintstone' illustration by the guys over at CreatureBox. I thought I'd take my own stab at drawing a Hanna-Barbera character but with more of a serious portrayal. In the end, it showed why one should do warm ups before starting your professional day as an artist. There was a lot of over night rust and I wasn't quite flowing yet this morning. I don't know why i relied so heavily on the hatching, and also am not 100% happy with the overall head/ face shape. But overall it was fun to try. Onto the work that pays! Will have to do this again with other characters in the future. May try Grape Ape again as well!
Got some backlog work to do this morning and then streaming upgrades and drawing requests live on Twitch this afternoon at 1pm Eastern Time ! Have a good Wednesday! 

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