TWITCH: Retry July Friday - Gun Girl 2009 and 2019

July 19, 2019

Click either the finished colored piece, inks or pencils for a larger version of the 2019 piece!

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I am excited to show off this piece I did on stream, start to finish today. The chat and I spent about an hour looking at old artworks of mine. I purposely avoided commissioned art as I would probably owe the new version to those who have commissioned me. I wanted to use a personal work that reflects where I was artistically in 2009. I picked a few with the help of the chat, and they voted on the piece shown below. It was originally a piece inspired by and themed around the date 9.9.09 as I have occasionally commemorated unique once in a life time dates with art pieces.

Click to view a larger version of this 2009 piece!

This art prompt I participated in is themed around artists redoing an older artwork and remagine/ reworking it with our contemporary skills and experience and workflow. 

In 2009, I was deep into my advertising job and doing mostly graphic design. Looking back, my comic-art style creativity had gone a bit out of practice. I think it was better in college, then during my advertising career took a backseat to mostly being in sketchbooks and such. I took an occasional commission on the side for some reason ( maybe clients that carried over from commissions in college and they still asked if I would do some art for them? ) and did stuff for fun as well. Nothing really pushing my abilities. When I started EWG at the end of 2009 and 2010 I began a journey that would prove to be a pressure cooker and push me to improve a lot over a short period of time. 

10 years later, I am the best I've ever been and this exercise really knocks out any doubt that I might have had about my growth or leveling up artistically. My workflow is crispy, efficient, all digital and I definitely draw with way more confidence and speed then I did in 2009. Having drawn thousands of works a year for almost 10 years now will do that. The original 2009 piece was poorly inked with sharpies or microns and scanned and colored to the best of my limited knowledge in photoshop. I was into graffiti at the time and incorporated that for the background. Now a day, as seen in the new artwork, I love creating textures in black spaces with splotchy brush effects and alternating white and black brush strokes, as well as using dust and smoke and other elements to decorate a character. 

This entire piece was done over the course of a 6 hour stream! Picking a piece to do took an hour or two. The sketch drawing took about half an hour, the inks took about an hour or two and the colors took about two hours. My intention as I continued on this was to really portray my best techniques and skills that I can do at this time in my life and creative career. I feel that I have done that.

I recommend the Retry July exercise to show yourself how far you've come, provide good exhibition of what you are now capable of and set a marker for the future. In 10 years, will I look back at this one and cringe over it like I did the 2009 piece? We'll find out :) 

Thanks to everyone who hung out, encouraged my work on this piece and  those who were there to the end. Thank you for the bits, the subs the donations. Its because of the CRew that I'm even able to take a day where I will potentially pooch any real financial gain and have a fun selfish day of creating my own artwork. Just one of many things you guys enable in my and Kiwi's lives. Have a great night and a great weekend, and see you next week for more Drawing Request action!!!

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