No Stream Today - Mill At Full Tilt!

May 20, 2021


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Happy Thursday Crew! 

Just a quick reminder, while the sauce cylinders warm up! There is no stream today! I have lots of to-dos going down the conveyor here at the ol' Drawing Mill!

I'm cranking on as many upgrades as possible, warming up with a YouTube video and several personal projects in the works simultaneously, including the new Crew Balloon piece. Thank you to every Orange Hat and beyond that makes this drawing dream a reality! It is a privilege to be supported enough, that I can afford time to tackle personal projects that don't necessarily pay, just for the fun and creative fulfillment of it!

Thank you so much! See you around Twitch and the 'inter-webs' in the meantime! And I'll be back on stream Friday 10amET for some drawing action to cap off the week!

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