Pre Thanksgiving Crunch is GO

November 20, 2015

#thanksgiving #crunch #deadline #pressurecooker

Got the production itinerary for today and through noon on Wednesday all mapped out. Been tackling it all week but officialy in the last 3 days to crunch the work before Thanksgiving holiday. Most are deadlines and must-complete goals i've set for myself, but thats how you maintain being self employeed, pushing yourself to get shiz done. 
Strong coffee, some WFNGR crankin on the headphones and a timer to keep me on task. So probably wont hear a whole lot from me on the websites. Will post to the EWG website when I can. But for those heading out early, have a great weekend and a great Thanksgiving. No more slots or livestreams till we're back in December. Just taking new orders to get on after the holiday and till the holiday knocking out the queue as much as possible!
Strong coffee check, kickin tunes, check. chewing gum, check. 

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