2 Character Art Slots Live Streaming Tonight 9pmEST!

November 19, 2015

#ungrounded #livestream #characterart #picarto #live


Mr Solenoid is happy, you should be too. EWG will be drawing two character art commissions LIVE tonight at 9pmEST till complete. Start to finish. One is of a masked female character for loneblade/ badguyinstall and the other is a pinup of Kylie from ghostbusters workin a lil' cheesecake with some pie for Thanksgiving. 
This is the last livestream of the month, after thanksgiving, till december etc etc. So hope to see folks out. Always a fun time. Chat with fellow geeks, watch some art magicaly materialize before your eyes and enjoy the tunes. Also one of the only ways to interact with Eryck Webb in real time :) 
Look forward to seein folks out. Will have Mr Solenoid save you a spot.

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