Star Wars Sketch Cover - In Steps

November 17, 2015

Check out the step by step on this traditional sketch cover commission piece below!

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EWG is currently juggling several projects that aren't really aloud to be shown, so while the mill is in the midst of production on those, it might be a good opportunity to check out some other posts. Today is a step by step walk through of a comicbook sketch cover commission created in the spring for TnC's own, Cory Matthews. With his blessing, and waiting a few months so he could enjoy it himself first, I now show the various stages behind it and my method for creating it. Enjoy and I'd be happy to answer any questions in the comments below!

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Utilized my digital art skills to get it all mapped out ahead of time, was a bit stressed over the fact theres no 'tossing it out and starting over'. Just one sketch cover whether I mess it up or not. So light boxed the completed design and traced it lightly in pencil.

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I was concerned by the porous and toothy texture of the cover paper. It was not at all 'marker-smooth' so I worried about major bleeding. 

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So I sort of did the process in reverse from normal. I colored everything using the pencils as a guide then doing finished ink lines and black fills last.

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Had a seperate design for the darth pug and penciled that in back.

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Finished up the lineart/ inks. I planned to use a white ink pen that I had to draw in more fighters and stars and such in the black background. It ended up not being as solid as I would have liked. I had to go over them several times. But the results were satisfactory enough. I still even here in Fall have gone through a couple different white pens trying to find one I'm truely happy with. Still looking.

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The finished cover. Was a lot of fun and a major learning experience, also a bit nerve wracking as it was one of two or three pieces I did traditionaly in 2015 right as I was just starting to get back into it. 

Materials used: lightbox, table top drawing board, spectrum noir markers, micron/ pigma pens and copic / prisma color black markers for the fills. White was done with 'PAINTPEN' if thats the brand. I since then have however really gotten to like sakura gel pens. Best I've found so far. Still want to find one that is solid white, no see through at all. 

Thanks, and as I said before please pick my brain/ and this project in comments below, i'll answer what I can :) Thanks!

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