Livestream Character Arts

November 25, 2015

#commission #inkscape #photoshop #art

Just a slew of what I got done on livestream tonight between 730pm and 1230am. Inked the majority of the two girls piece, and all of the smoking gun guy. The other two colored single characters I inked/ colored tonight. And the chun li lounging reading in her chair I drew/ inked tonight. Out of steam though going to finish the chun-li lounging on the chair tomorrow morning before finishing a batch of TnC strips and then heading out for Thanksgiving. 
The dogs are off to their sitters and the wife and I will be heading north to have Thanksgiving at her sister's. Pray for light traffic, no accidents and light weather! 
This break is much needed. I've been pushing too hard lately creatively/ labor-wise. I tried my best to juggle everything and have it all done by Wednesday but its just not going to happen. Got a heck of a lot done though. Will get right back on it come Monday. Have a great Thanksgiving and weekend.

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