Malcom - Warmup Sketch

November 5, 2015

#chibi #malcom #oc #ip #alien #freedomfighter #inkscape #sketch

Went to start working on the final inks of the UTMNT wraparound cover for issue 1 reprint, and realized my hands were not loose at all. So went and sketched this dude out in his inky splotchy goodness. When I finally do a Malcom story some day, I will have it fully realised and a reapproached look to his design. I imagine this fierce defender of earth in the name of his lost world to be about waist high on a normal adult person, and very often underestimated and not taken seriously, but unmistakably the only chance earth has against the enemy invasion.

Alright, feeling better, off to some UTMNT with some youtube megadeth videos playin! Go Go!

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