Inktober - Day 31 - Happy Halloween

October 31, 2015

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And with this final Inktober piece, I wish everyone a spooky, fun and safe Halloween! We had our trick-or-treating on Thursday night cause of it apparently conflicting with highschool football, and concerns of saturday partiers messin with the kiddies or something stupid like that. But to me it just made Halloween two or three days longer and thats been fun. Been watching Evil Dead and tonight Army of Darkness. Watched Shaun of the Dead and or maybe Land of the dead tonight. Been fun! So, heres to Inktober, the challenging ink drawing-a day challenge i've been participating in. No I didnt do it all traditional, but I did do some of it traditional. In general I used every traditional or digital opportunity to try to learn, experiment and get better at either way of inking. 
Heres both my 2015 Halloween piece, and my final Inktober piece. 

Now Inktober is over, you will hear it here first. The best from this year's inktober as well as many drawings, sketches and daily doodles from the past couple years will be collected into a special volume and slated to be released for the 6th year anniversary of EWG (December 11th). You heard it here first, stay tuned for more info on that!

Happy Halloween! And hope everyone had a great Inktober! 

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