Slots for 11/17 & 11/19 - CLOSED

November 13, 2015

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Tuesday 11/17 - 9pmEST-11pmEST
 $50 Inked/Color Slot 1 -  TransFan2 - Thank you!
 $50 Inked/Color Slot 2 -  DWald - Thank you!

Thursday 11/19 - 9pmEST-11pmEST
 $50 Inked/Color Slot 1 -  BadGuyInstall - Thank you!
 $50 Inked/Color Slot 2 -  CDB - Thank You!

EWG is offering 4 $50 slots for next week! Cost includes all pencil, ink, color work and any vendor fees. Not to mention a one week turnaround. Email to claim a slot! Hurry, they go within 12-24 hours usually. 

+  These slots are for pencil sketched, inked and full color commission portrayal of one character, simple to no background. Background and extras will be at Erycks discretion when deemed appropriate.
+  Please do not just send payment as there may not be slots available!
+  First come first serve. Must have paypal and request ready before claiming! 
+  Please provide one solid picture of reference! Can be your original character, your game avatars, fanart of popular characters, etc. The sky is the limit! 
+  No explicit (nude, gory, disturbing, overtly sexual ) requests will be accepted. Sexy pinup style is ok.

This week's offer is two slots for 11/17 and two slots for 11/19 (4 total). Both dates will be live streamed on Picarto starting 9pmEST on those evenings! Can buy more than one if available.

This page alone will be updated as slots are claimed. So please refer to this for open spots before purchasing!

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