Flu YOU!

January 17, 2013

Well, I'm officially vaccinated for the flu this year. Rather... vaccinated for this year's popular type of the multiple types out there (according to a lil' research). All the news channels, newspapers and websites can stop hyping up this "Flu Epidemic"  now please. Seriously, its brought up every 5 minutes. Whether or not its as bad as they make it out to be (and if I recall, they make it out to be horribly bad every year around this time... helps boost sales) ... they are right in reporting the shortage. I'm amazed how much the stores struggle to keep supply in. I essentially checked with 3 stores (two rite aids and a CVS) and they had nothing. But a hot tip that another Rite Aid in Beaver Falls had some. But they ran out for a day previously. So I find the media contradicting itself badly. On one hand it hypes everyone into a anxiety stricken panic to go get your flu shots, on the other hand its reporting the very real shortage. Maybe there wouldn't be a shortage if they weren't making it such a mad rush of a situation. Start reporting calmly early fall and not wait till after the new year to start sending everyone in a panic and suddenly all stores supply of the vaccine are depleted cause the lemmings like to all run over the cliff together.

But feels good to take the step towards keeping myself healthy. Don't do a lot of that lately. And hopefully that's one less thing to worry about as my wife continues her chemo treatments till June and last thing i want is to get her gravely ill with the flu when i could have avoided it.

On a side note, I had a funny decision to make when the pharmacist asked if i wanted it in my left or right arm. My right was facing her so I went ahead and said that. But I had this post-decision anxiety hoping it wouldnt effect my ability to draw. LOL. Oh well. We shall see.

Bandwagon secured.

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