Customer Order Tracking

January 10, 2013

Yes, a larger part of this week is eat up with Hospital stuff, but that takes priority over everything else. That being said, time in the waiting rooms has allowed some very inspired brainstorming and I even was impressed with the surgery lounge's monitor that showed basicaly a table chart of each patient's assigned number, and let people know in the waiting room where the patient was and what step they were on at all times. Seems like a simple/ obvious thing, but it has given me the idea to design a system like that for EWG customers. I have attempted something sort of similar in the past, but I like the way they did it at the hospital and think I will swipe the method too.

So this is just a bit of a note to myself in my EWG 'notebook' here. One of many improvements to come in the new year.

Along with the updated branding when I get the chance. Don't worry, time away from the studio means customer orders get delayed, and so does my own stuff. Right now I've got no rush orders (except one or two that are skimming on sensitive timing) or anything that can't wait a couple days. Life comes first. Thats the way it always will be. But nobodies orders slip through the cracks.

Of course if you JUST can't wait. Got yer refund right here, though I would prefer you be patient and wait as my wife and I can use all the help we can get with these medical bills.


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