Foreign Spammers

January 12, 2013

Due to the increasing number of foreign spammers on the EWG website commenting how great the site or article is and then requesting checking out their site (with a link), I am now setting comments to moderated. They will be allowed if you are legitimately commenting but may take a little longer.
1. This is annoying as I look forward to feedback and interaction with my site goers, so its a little disheartening to go 'ah sweet, a comment' and it was some European, Australian  Middle Eastern or Asian - based website spam.
2. Its in a way flattering as I guess these people have decided my site has enough traffic drawal to try to cash in on it. Thanks to all the regular readers for that.
Moderation-on. Or rather, I'll start with a word verification and then upgrade to full 'moderate comments' if that doesn't work.
Follow Up [5 Min Later] - Yep, works like a dream. Take that spam bots.

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