Group of heroes in progress

January 15, 2013

The original approval sketch showing layout and basicly the idea

Inked lineart. I then put a flat layer of color behind them and had the characters in their own layer set, then turned it off to render the background seperately in its own layer set

Original post of the above screenshot from this morning [ "A 4 character full background commission in the works this morning!
Thanks to D-wald, for your patience, its coming buddy!
At this stage, have the lineart inks on the characters and have them separated color from the background. Going to go render the city background inks now. Then color this beasty up!" ]

The finished inks. At this point, even with the grey shades the characters and the background are in two different sets. If I needed to see the background without the characters making my eyes hurt, I turned them off. Visa versa. At this point, all that is needed is flat color and extra lighting embellishments.

Check out the finished art on a recently added post [ here

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