Sketchin 5 heroes

January 2, 2013

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A fun project with a client whos still in the process of getting everything launched and running so can't reveal a lot right now. This is probably all I'll get to show from my work with them for a while, but will post links on down the line when the art goes live on their site or what not. 
Got some free reign here coming up with 5 heroes, encompassing the general ideas of (power, speed, sexy, tech savvy and i threw in a genius baby who is 'resourceful'. Lots of fun, pulling fantastic four and incredibles vibes and throwing in my own mixtures here and there to make it original. Fun stuff. Sketched this concept of what I had in mind in about 30 min to get it to them tonight, may get yay'd or nay'd but I diggin this initial concept sketch. 
Alright, check back tomorrow for another post of what EWG be workin on.

PS~ Was nice getting to finish out today with this sketch session, didn't get a whole lotta drawing done. Just did design stuff all day ha... poor wacom pen been in the holster all day.

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