Status Update: First Week of 2013

January 2, 2013

Back in the studio, hope everyone had a good new year. Will be putting a greater focus on production and less on promotion, but I'm still here. Available by email or by contacting on any of my websites for the commission needs of the masses! My big goal is to get as caught up or if not completely caught up on ALL 2012 orders by the end of the January. By tax time I want to be DONE and in the current year.

So that's my goal, will be doing my best to maintain a weekly status update, upload something new once a day even if its the morning's warm-up. Theres client work I have to sit on for a while before I can post it up in the ol' portfolio but there will still be development sketches, warmups, occassional character art commissions on a regular basis.

As we are already getting to the end of this first (and very short) week in 2013, I'm just tying up loose ends from before the holiday, and laying the ground work to get cranking on production before the end of the 'business year'.

My first priority, more than ever is my wife and taking care of her as we got six more months of treatment before we can say shes done one way or the other. And though that schedule will be a lot less hectic than it has been the last 4 months, it'll no doubt be full of surprises.

Second priority is to my business, and the awesome supportive people that keep it running. I want to figure out faster turnaround times and blow more minds with awesome art.

Third priority is extra-curricular art like my webcomics or exhibition art works. These will sit on a back burner if they have to but they will in no way be done instead of pending client work.

So thats my top three, the third priority also includes promotional EWG graphics/ and what not. Will get the sites all updated and newly designed pricelist and yada yada all taken care of after the first two are taken care of.

Bump on a Log 5 days a week was fun while I was able to do it but thats not going to be a regular thing in the coming months, will be looking to get back to that eventualy but for now, morning warmups will be my opportunity to get loose and warmed up in the morning, while at the same time participating more in my favorite Art-Jam groups like Comic Art Alliance and All Tooned Up that I've neglected for way too long.

Quick 15-30 minute warmups of their themes will allow me to participate more and also get me all scratched out so that I can do better on client work.

Thats this week's update, first of the new year! Remember, if you have any comments/ questions or need to commission me I can be reached here or on any of my sites or by email, and will respond usualy same day or as soon as I can, and otherwise, will update the ol' EWG status next week!

Back to the drawing board!

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