2013 EWG Logo Redesign Released!

January 19, 2013

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Introducing the newly redesigned Eryck Webb Graphics logo! Shown here in black and white and in color. And with its set style when combined with the type logo.

Basicaly a top to bottom tweak of the previous logo, but lowering the eyes a bit, lowering the hair closer to the eyes, articulating a little more hair, and redesigned the ears. Wanted it to be a little less 'perfected' as far as the shape as well to give it more of an illustrated look like my comic art and character art commissions. Showing where I'm at now in my work as more of a fully realized illustrator than a graphic designer. So more of a nod in that direction.

What do you think? Will feature a contrast/ comparison and the process of developing this (went through many redesigns and variations to nail this one down) versus the logo style changes from previous years. SO thats to come in a future post.

The EWG initials and EryckWebbGraphics type logo treatments haven't changed, pretty happy with those.

Heres to EWG 2013, and this also marks the start of the 5th year since EWG was started! Thank you to everyone who helps keep this train chugging down the tracks.

Wow... been that long?

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