15 Sec Drill Warmup This Morning

January 22, 2013

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This morning's warmup brought to you by Posemaniacs, their awesome 30 second drawing option (i had mine set for 15 seconds each) and it'll keep going forcing you to speed up your skill and figure out how to capture the pose in the time you set and its amazing how fast you learn to simplify and really knock it out without looking at the page after a while. 
I recommend. I basicaly let it run till I felt like I wasn't able to cram any more figures on the canvas and then stopped. Was about 8-10 minutes of figures here on an 11x17 canvas. 
On to pencil client work, and I think it'll be better result today because of this great session!
The figures include female, male and 'super male' figures.

(o I also just took about a minute afterwards and added some loose shades to define some of the figures better :) just had fun with it... important when starting a long day o drawing ) 

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