5 Heroes Tight Sketch and Color Concept

January 7, 2013

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Some serious character design from look to colors goin on. This is only first concepts. Officialy the last thing I'll really get to show of this project for a good while till it goes live on the clients site and all that. But having a lotta fun pushing the boundries of the box with these. Each character is on a seperate layer set. So they are all complete figures arranged as a group in this particular instance.
Anywho, definitly subject to form and color changes by the time its finalized. But yeah, will pop up links to the company's site when this stuff goes live for sure. Its gonna be very cool! Was told to come up with 5 characters, there were some nods to 'incredibles' as a starting point but i was given free reign, so theres influence from incredibles, fantastic four, secret saturdays and saturday morning cartoons from their glory days. Everything else, like the baby and the little details are from some crazy place in my brain, all having their own look but having a uniform theme with the logo and colors. But given just the palette of each character you can tell which one each one belongs to and also silouette design, where each has their own unique silouette which is really important in the land of character design.
Alright, fun stuff. Pending client approval to finish out or what not!


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