The Geeky Epicness - and process!

January 4, 2013

Finished this promotional artwork up for the awesome guys over at The Good The Bad and The Geeky podcast - - sorry it took as long as it did but I hope it was worth it and it generates a lot of attention for them!

Check out the livestream video of the colors on this piece here

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

Sort of a ghost busters/ poltergeist/ wormhole/ rift in the geeky universe of doom going on. Featuring the 4 hosts of the podcast and the geek-dom from which the mic emanates!

Whew! This one was a monster. That's it for EWG this week. See you all Monday!

The original inks

The pencils

The rough sketch

and the first thumbnails of the four ideas for this new artwork promoting the show

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