Thurs Night Livestream Eternals Inc 'New Blood' Ink lines all wrapped up!

October 4, 2013

Tonights Livestream was a lot of fun, had up to 16 folks out to check out this piece in progress. Many of which I'm sure were people whose original characters are featured in this piece. Above is the finished line-art as far as I got it tonight. Which was, completely drawn. Anything I missed though I'll add in upon doing all the spot blacks. Then after that flats and lighting (shadows/highlights/ effects) - this started out rocky when i jumped the gun tried to rush through important steps. But I want to do it right so I went re-penciled it and am taking the necessary steps to do it as good if not better than my usual high quality work. I don't know what I was even attempting to do before but it did not work! Anywho, loving how its coming out. With fresh eyes I might re-tweak some lines and such then finish the black and whites on this puppy and get 'er colored!

But for now, sleeeep.

Enjoy the 4 hours Livestream below! (Thank you Livestream for not botching the save of the video to your server this time)

See you next Thursday Night LiveScream! I mean stream! (hehe) - also, next week's might focus on End Of Summer Special commissions as I want them all done by the 15th! Rather, expect several stream evenings between now and the 15th as I kick into high production mode! Uh, after some sleep... NIGHT!

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

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