Sin City 16'' figure birthday surprise

October 3, 2013

Sorry for the crappy photos... camera phone... nuff said!

Dude... look what I got in the mail today - a VERY generous and awesome gift from a long time and super big fan, friend and customer, and cohort on the TnC webcomic series, Cory! Marv and Hartigan, my two favorite story lines from the movie Sin City. How'd he know?! Friggin glorious - these are sixteen inch figures! And the detail's incredible. They're not 'action figures' they're friggin statues! But pose-able. Love they maintain the black white/ grey tone of the movie too. Will have to figure out where to put these behemoths!! Lol expect some 'warmups' and so forth to contain one of either of these at any given time!

Dude, Cory, thank you very much for the birthday gift and the inspiration. I will have to find a way to repay you somehow. These are awesome and I definitely appreciate the support and thought!

Dood, awesomeeee. Hartigan is broody cause I gave marv the gas can and not him. Nya ha.

Now I wanna go watch the movie again lol!

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