Hallow's Eve Eve Sunny Mild and Nuttin Wild

October 30, 2013

Just sort of a casual notebook post, which is the original intent of the notebook. Just sort of a 'work journal'. I'm working steady today, doin some laundry, enjoying the fresh air today, nice sunny and mild out. Not working at the NITROS fueled tempo I meant to but can't complain. Sunny out, smells like fall... whats not to like? I planned poorly for work... should have planned to just do proof sketches and design thumbnails all day so I could work outside on my tablet. But alas I have finishings i must complete today. I don't know if its the weather or the time of the year or halloween is tomorrow but I'm feelin pretty good today, just not stressin havin fun with what I'm doing. Gotta find a way to do that every day. Ah well! Later will be experimenting with preserving my ghoulish pumpkin carving with the mamma in law tonight. It and my wife's pumpkins have already started sagging a bit but hopefuly we can curb that. I think they'll make it till tomorrow for sure but will be interesting to see how long we can make them last well!

K, lunch break over... back to EET!

Also, a spook chanted to me the eve of Halloween AND the day of will see a special theme for the EWG site :)

And theres a special TREAT (no trick, i sware) - for Halloween Commission purchasers during tomorrow night's livestream!

See you then!

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