Jack-O-Monster! Pumpkin 'sculpting' experiment process 2013

October 28, 2013

Heres a quick look at the process of scuplting and carving my jack-o lantern this year

Cut the top scrape out the guts - i usualy make a 'hinge' or notch to make the lid fit nicer.

Once you have an idea what you want to do, its best to peel off the outer skin in all the areas where you want to work. In this case I did it everywhere I didn't want the pumkin's 'hairline' the meat of the pumkin is much easier to work with than the tough skin so that has to be cut off like a potatoe skin.

Using a butter knife (really liked how well the butter knife dug in and scraped away the pumpkin meat) defined the big shapes

Kept going still carving the basic shapes making sure everythings even and stuff n stuff. At this point did not cut actual holes in the pumpkin.

Eventualy scraped away with the butterknife using a small pumpkin carving kit knife for finger details like under eyes and such. Added more wrinkles and defined facial features, cut holes for the eyes and around the teeth. Even made holes for the nostrils. The picture above shows a candle lit in the pumkin while im working on it, the book held high enough not to catch on fire, drops a shadow for easier seeing where light is coming out. Doing this you can define how much light shows in different areas and adjust how deep the carvings are to make it look how you want when it is lit.

And here is the pumpkin finished up. I went in after this pic made the bottom lip more defined. But you can see the candle still in it, so that is illuminating it a bit

Here is what it looks like lit up:



Me and my pumpkin experiment! I know theres various ways to preserve them but I not too worried. Should make it till thurs with how cold it is out.
Fun stuff! 

What are you doing with your Jack O Lantern this year? And would you like to know more about the making of this that I did not cover? Comment below -  Thanks and Happy Halloween!

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