Duck Duck Creature Box

October 15, 2013

Crappy cell phone pic, we got much better pics of us and the duck on a digi cam, the big girls volleyball team was constantly in the way LOL

Front sketch of the rubber duck from where i was sitting

Rear sketch of the rubber duck from where i was sitting. The ducks in the water and two girls sitting on the edge give it some scale. 

Went saw the rubber ducky today in Pittsburgh! Was really cool. Did two sketches of it and took a bunch of photos with my wife and her momma of the duck and us infront of the duck and the fountain at point park.

A pic off the google search of what my book/ package looked like. Even that silouetted tentacle on the box (the creature box, get it? get it?) made me feel like an amateur lol.

When we got home waiting for me (out in the weather OMG IF IT GOT RUINED) was fedex's delivery of my Creature Box publication 'The Monster Volume' - needless to say i tore into that and studied it for a good hour then realized I needed to put it down and get to work. But that is a book full of inspiration and creative juiceness if I've ever seen it. If you do not have a copy, I highly recommend.

Needless to say working late today/ tonight hehe

Good day, I will be finishing up a priority client order before 8 or 9 tonight then definitly at 9 watching an all new episode of Supernatural. Then after that be doing as many End Of Summer Special orders as I can before midnight!

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