Mirror Mirror Hailie Chibi and Powerplay Bust commissions - 10/11/13 Livestream recap

October 12, 2013

Chibi order of 'MirrorMirror Hailie' for Jupe !

Great character 'Powerplay' for Micromax! Love this super hockey playin dood. Channeled some serious Jumping Boy into this I think. But then took it rough and tumble irish hard head hockey super hero route haha - WWII goggles and that jacket? Yeah... hes a bomber alright!

These were both a lot of fun, and happy to say puts me a bit closer to done by the 15th. Will get most done by 15th the rest the client needs them by the 20th so thats cool will have them done by the 18th :) 

Needless to say will be in a mad EoSS fury next week ;) 

These were lots of fun, I feel like on PowerPlay I hit a new mark with the pencils which i want to try to capture for future works. Also love this take on a bust commission and my treatment with the background.

The chibi of Hailie uses some new approaches to the color palette and light/darks. Hit some new awesome there too I think.

All in all some progressive pieces pushing the craft on both ends. Good stuff.
Below is the livestream making of these pieces from tonights session. Livestream can be flakey sometimes, but its best out there, and WAY better than Ustream!

Have a fantastic weekend! Thanks to clients of both of these for coming out seein em happen!

Keep drawin Jupe!

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

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