Halloween Special - Character Art Special!

October 24, 2013

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Halloween Special!

A fun idea discussed between myself and some fans on Livestream a week or two ago was offering a unique character art commission for Halloween mainly being black and white on a gray canvas, with orange and gray tones as the only other medium. Well, here we are!

For $25 paid through paypal cart below, get a 300dpi 8.5x13 finished art of your original character or fan art of a mainstream character of choice. Order more than one! Order will look like the examples above!

Background generaly the same orange cracked framing as shown and the orange areas and gray shades all vary depending on what I go with. No proofs, and knee-up only. If you've gotten orders from me befoer you know its never JUST that :) 

This special is only available as of 10/24/13 to 10/31/13 (Halloween). After that the shopping cart button below will be removed!

Order more than one! Securely through Paypal via your balance or credit card. No limit! Be sure to include link to a good visual reference of character desired. No text descriptions or 'pieces' please. Save that for character design commissions!

Ready for some awesome halloween-themed art? Add orders to cart below!

$25.00 - 8.5x13'' 300dpi One Character Digital Art

This special is no longer offered, the cart button has been taken down.
Thanks for your participation  :)

As business experiments go, sometimes specials or sales or promotions flop. This one sorta did, but I thank the three individuals who purchased orders and happily showed my gratitude by upgrading their orders to full color on lastnights Livestream. :) Enjoy sirs!

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