Haz Turtles

October 7, 2013

Now I can make turtle soup! Leonardo and the rest were the reason I am doing what I'm doing today. Especially Leonardo. From the days in 3rd grade of tracing Leo in an ol' TMNT coloring book over and over and over till I started drawing from memory and slowly changing his pose and eventually starting to draw freestyle and where I am now. Happy to finally have picked up some great looking contemporary figures. Will eventually take them out of the package and have them posed around my work area guarding it fiercely from the foot. 
Thx to my sis Adrya for the birthday loot to go get something i'd really enjoy getting and the ability to do it guilt free (as opposed with bill/ tax money ) took a year but finally used that card haha!

Pic of all 4 as they currently are with crappy phone cam

Close up of my fav/ the one that started it all, with crappy phone cam

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