Livestream 10/9/13 Recap - Two EoSS Chibis

October 9, 2013

Got these two wrapped up simultaneously this evening, as a bonus, below is the original sketch for DesecratedDreams (the top character). Didn't have one for Pulsar after it was all said and done but had this one and thought I'd share. 

Got these two done in just under 2 hours, starting at 10pm and finishing them both by 12am - gotta be a new record. They were a blast and was happy to have a handful of EWG true believers out to see them get created!

Livestream video of the session below, it was one full recorded session for some reason Livestream turned it into two videos. Video 1 and 2 below! Enjoy!! See everyone out Thursday for the regular 'Thursday Night Livestream', starting 830pmEST! Will be doing more orders! Including a bust, and a Saria elf w/ godzilla themed design/outfit - see ya then!

Part 1

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

Part 2

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