81 Years of Workin Inspiration

October 2, 2013

A true inspiration no matter what your 'work' is, i love his motto about 'never stop working'. Saw this segment on Sunday Morning on CBS last Sunday and have had his words about 'never quit working' in my head since. 'Its what keeps you going, its what gives you purpose. Now that doesnt mean a 9-5 job, it could be a goal or passion in your life. But for me, its what I do... EWG, and outside of EWG...
Also, on the flipside if I'm ever down on my business or what I do day in and day out and whether it makes sense, I can always remember that theres a guy out there selling brooms at 10.00 each every day. I can at least draw doodles for 10.00 each every day with some personal satisfaction :)

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