EWG Gallery Of Works Is Live

March 12, 2014

Introducing the newest addition to the special Features on the Eryck Webb Graphics Website! Proud to release the official website Gallery Of Work! Importing from several different sections of the website that already exist, and organizing them as one eye-candy filled gallery! Featuring Client Commissioned works, Personal Works and Sketchbook Posts! Head over to 'Gallery Of Work' section on the new menu at right and be sure to comment on the page let me know your thoughts on ways to improve or things you like/ don't like.

The beauty of this is it showcases the top 20 of each section in one neat grid design. As new posts are added it automatically adds them and drops one on the end. This will be the location for the latest and greatest art additions to the website! This project has taken several weeks of brainstorming, research and code finagling but I'm happy to finally have it up and running! Down the line I will refine type/ color/ layout setups but for now, its good to go!

The code setup for this gallery also provides a good 'archive' setup for the web-comics on this site.

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