EWG Dood at Color Me Mine

March 26, 2014

Had a real nice day out with the wife for her birthday. Our second to last stop on the outting was at Color Me Mine - a nifty lil' business in Pittsburgh where you can pickout a blank piece of pottery or figurine and then paint it and they glaze to give it to you in a week or so. Well, I saw this little dood and thought to try and turn him into the EryckWebbGraphics mascot 'Dewd'. So EWGDewd representing!! Or my best attempt at it also working with the pre-sculpted hair. Would have looked spot on if it had been a plain smooth head. I think it would do them some good to have an option to grind down unwanted details of the piece before painting or offer more in the style of blankies that are basicaly the form and head and shape without pre-defininng specific clothing or hair types. If it was a bald head a painter could put on any kind of hair they want etc. 
Anywho! lots of fun. One thing I always want to do more of is artsy moments with the wifey and this was nice! Will see how it looks in a week when it gets picked up!

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