Spring Special Complete

March 31, 2014

Spring Special is complete! Thanks to all the folks who jumped on this commission deal and all orders are scheduled to be completed by end of April with no signs of reasons why this can't happen. Orders will be completed in order of first received to last received and production on them will be live streamed at the EWG page on this site when able. To see where you are on the list of orders, head over to Order Tracking on the Featured menu. This as always will be updated daily.

Thanks again to the great response to this special, your support is super appreciated! Thanks for keeping this boat afloat, now its time to repay the favor with some awesome inked/ full color character art! Got 3 done so far and will be striving for close to that everyday till they are all done.

If you missed out on the sale you can buy normal priced commissions daily and keep an eye out for future sales/ specials and slot commissions.

Thank you very much from me, Kristina and the dwarf bots on the production line! We got our work cut out for us!

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