Monster Pets Logo Design

March 13, 2014

Below was the rough drafts for the finished logo above! Note lots of articulation and refinement and 'exactinating' of curvs and lines and what is and isn't in the final version. Great logo to work on! Definitly a personal fav!

Heres a look at a logo design in progress, having a lot of fun with it. The colors and the articulation of the animals/ tentacles are not final, will refine them and exact-inate them upon approval. Will provide a black and white version, a flat color version, and then a full color - all the bells and whistles version similar to these draft versions here, though I think some moon texture and reptilian texture on the tentacles really faint will set it off nice. Some stone texture for the words.

Which do you like better, the more horizontal or the verticle?

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