Purgatory Character Art and Process Video

March 11, 2014

A character art commission of Purgatori finished up!
This is a prime example of a pencil/ inks/ full color / no/simple background commission! 

Purgatori keeping more to the original design in the Chaos Comics days. 

Goes right along with that Lady Death commission I did yesterday. Really pusshing my form and rendering. Trying to make even simple poses as striking as I can. Livestream recording below!

I'm not doing evening Livestream events anymore, so when I have on the cam whilst working whether it be during the day or working late at night to keep up with the ol' demand - is only time to come out interact live with me, short of emailing or instant messaging. Since I've also decided to stick with the more professional ( and currently functional ) Livestream I can go back to posting up recorded sessions after the fact. 

An idea I'm tossing around within' the ol' braintrust is a live commission event once a month where I take commissions via paypal during a live stream session there and then. This would be an all day event like a Saturday or something like that till Midnight and would be a first come first serve. Like a convention table without the convention. So stay tuned for something along those lines soon.

Otherwise, only way to catch live real time process of EWG and interact in the chat is when EWGs working and streaming!

Below are some screenshots along the way of this piece and the full Livestream video from pencils to finish!

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