Monday Night Livestream Wrapped!

May 14, 2013

Was fond of the gray shaded version of the finished inks, so included a snippet of that for now. Will post the final piece and process later on. 

Great Livestream tonight! Thanks to the (average) dozen people who stopped in or hungout during the duration. Great having you. Hope people also appreciated me having all the palettes on the screen and what not as if anybody gets any inspiration or new techniques for their art from anything I'm doing thats always really cool. Hey works for me, I watch youtube videos and what not of other artists and pick up things all the time. 

Well, thanks again for coming out. Hope you'll come back Wed and Fri for more! Will be doing simlar style (full figure, full color, full background) pieces each night again. This special offer has been fun but is a monster! But people I hope feel they are getting a lot for their money, as I (my little secret) sneak in a 300dpi of the original approval sketch the customer gets in the morning, and they get a fully rendered 300dpi of the character art pencils, and then a 300dpi of the finished inks and a 300dpi of the finished full color art. Whats not to like? Customers are easily saving 15-30 bucks in the end. And its 11x17 which is double the size I usualy work at. SO, anyways hope the 3 customers who got in on this weekly special are loving it. 

Thanks again for the purchases! Will post up the finished piece later on. Maybe with the various steps (sketch, pencils, inks) as well. But for now, its bed time. Lots to do tomorrow! Goodnight!

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