Photoshop Crashed Semi Fixed

May 31, 2013

Test image i was doodling to test out various photoshop run settings. Settings I began tweaking on in photoshop and on the exe as far as the compatibility mode windows runs it on. Got a few tips via googling the problem of the screen flickering as I'm working with onscreen elements like the pen tool lasso tool or just dragging objects around. A weird hiccup on the screen refresh. On newer (CS6) photoshops with similar problem seems easy fix of tweaking the openGL/ graphic accelerator settings but that does not exist on what I use which is photoshop 6.0. So anyway out of ideas. The tweaks I made did seem to have upped the overall performance but still get an annoying screen flicker. Unrelated to the crash though. I dunno what caused that but have cleaned up the computer a bit. Should help... night!

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