EWG Status Notice Update

May 8, 2013

A quick note to say I am not accepting any new comic page/ strip commissions at this time. Was entertaining the idea but I have enough on my plate in this area as it is. EWG is of course, as always, available for character art/ design and shirt graphics.

Also my turnaround has significantly decreased (except for Ungrounded which is priority one) on any and all commissions. Playing catch-up rest of the month. Please be patient. As a result I'm closing any remaining slots that I originally posted as open. 

Life comes first, and stuff comes up. As much as I try to schedule concisely and accurately, things arise that thwart my attempts. But all projects are in progress, and all will get out the door as soon as possible. I apologize to anybody that is still waiting for theirs, and yes there's a good few of you!

My goal is to get caught up, and have stuff on a more contemporary basis: take a job, get it out by the next week if not sooner. Not quite there yet. But my commitment to getting it done and doing great art for you has never changed.

Pricelist and Order tracking are down at the moment as I eventualy get those re-designed etc. Just email me if you have any questions or need quotes.

Thanks for stickin with me :) 


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