Notes For The Weekend

May 10, 2013

Will be finishing colors on all current Ungrounded pages in production tomorrow. Will be finishing an album art job tonight.
All other jobs have been pushed back to next week and so forth. I'm a one man show, and have taken on way more work than I responsibly should have, but am whittling away at it a day at a time. Thanks to those patient souls waiting for their art, will get it to you soon.
Also let me remind you that my wife and I are in a constant battle with our living situation and her cancer situation. Some days its just too much of a toll on emotions and energy to get anything done. But I gotta keep this locomotive chugging along so everyday I make sure to keep shoveling the coal into that boiler. Will get everything done, I just unfortunately can say that none of my previously intended deadlines are possible at this point. But I am working to take care of all customer's orders as soon as possible. Thanks again for your patience and for your continued support.
Every day's a new challenge. Anybody not okay with the wait, contact me via email and I'll return your order to you right away, otherwise I thank you for sticking with me and hope you look forward to your art. Even if it takes me longer to get it to you. It WILL get done.
Just state of things right now.
Really hard to get going on work sometimes, much-less chuck this whole business into the river. Other days its the greatest thing in the world.
But thems the the way it is I guess. Well guess this is a pretty depressing note to go out on but thats what this notebook is. A daily log of this self-employed journey called EryckWebbGraphics. Some days your cruising like a magic wizard riding a wilder-beast through the sky and other days your just the doormat of the world.
What can ya do? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

Have a good weekend.

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