Harley Quinn - A Process Study + Video

May 2, 2013

Took about 45 minutes of playing with poses and placement to really nail a composition I liked

Heres the near-finished pencils

This allows a look at the process of inking i used, with lineart in places, and in some places completely rendering with black shapes. The only big change was the boot on the pogo stick was removed in favor of a boxing glove

The finished inks, I threw in the surprise along the way ( a little showman ship ) by adding a batman/ batgirl cape lastminute

I know there 2 or 3 steps from the inks to the finished colored piece, but this is all I got for now, heres the finished piece. I really enjoyed working on it, and feel like I hit some new marks with this piece that I hope to carry into pieces I do after this one. Fun stuff. Hope Ashley loves it and thanks to her and Steve for their commission :) 

The Livestream Video: After an abrupt and unexplainable power skip out, my UPS unit kept my computer and livestream running but the router/internet connection in the other room went out. So a bit of the initial process got lost but the video picked right back up recording from that point on. 
Enjoy :) 

Also available to view on Deviant Art 

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