Totaly Spies for Cobra - Plus Livestream

April 29, 2013

Did up this one of several orders in this theme I will be working on this week. Cartoon characters from other shows defecting to the ranks of Cobra! Here is Clover from Totally Spies in her new Cobra garb happy to be aboard! Check out the video of the making of this commission below. See you Wednesday, Thurs and Friday at 8pmEST at the EWG Livestream (click 'EWG LIVESTREAM' on the features menu) for a Harley Quinn on Wed, and more like this on Thurs and Fri! Enjoy the Livestream recordings. And thanks to those who came out. Especialy my awesome fan and client Cory for his ongoing support. Can always count on him :) Enjoy the video. I did two parts cause there was some issues in the middle, which leads me to believe thats why the first part video is corrupted but heres the second. Anyways, fun stuff. MAY do one again tomorrow night as well or might opt to spend the evening with my wife before she goes in to her next chemo. Depends on if shes sleepin or her and her mom are doin stuff. Alright, night!

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