Jumping Into A Busy Week

April 29, 2013

"Here I Go Again On My Own... Down The Only Road I've Ever Known...." (*cough* Whitesnake) - Here's to another great work week and capping off the month! My goals this week are completely getting contemporary on Ungrounded pages, Finishing lingering TMNT pages and Chickfighter pages and rocking socks on as many of everything else as possible! Go Go Go!
But also my schedule is shifting.

I really feel the importance and need lately, especially with the season and weather getting SO nice now, to spend as much time with my best friend and wife as much as possible! So will as much as possible be rocking my socks 8 hours a day and that's it. Now barring any sudden bouts of bleeding-out or depression or art block or drama or fuzzy bunnies this should not impact anything except for my balance in life. I work too much, and need to cut it back a bit and balance. Cause when you work too much, your days start running together and you start feeling like 'what the heck am I working for'. Not to mention, even if your doing what you love to do. You start not loving it. Its not fun. And I truly believe the work suffers.

So that being said, I will be trying to cap myself. With the continuation of Wed Livestream nights, and special occasions  I am self employed  and I must remember its OK to say, work in the morning, spend the afternoon with my wife getting her (and us both) out of the house and going to parks and site seeing and such, cause I can always work the other 4 hours in the evening when it gets dark. Being this is OH/PA weather, I think I can safely plan to do that on nice days, and work normal 9-5 on rainy/ cold days. Any-who, this is my general reevaluation of what I'm doing and where I'm intending to go.

As always, for now EWG is a one man show, and I've got everyone's orders and will update best I can on progress, even the 'order tracking' is really only once or twice a week. But no matter what, nothing slips through the cracks and I'm going for quality over quantity so you will get it and hopefully will be worth the wait every-time!
Have a great week, get lots done, see you at the drawing board!

This week's schedule:
Monday - Ungrounded / Other
Tues - Others
Wed - New Jumping Boy!
        - Ungrounded/ Other
        - Evening: EWG Livestream featuring Harley Quinn for Smash-face
Thurs - Others / Extra Character Art Livestream
Fri     - Ungrounded /  Other / Extra Character Art Livestream
The picture shown is this morning's warmup, a parody of JumpingBoy obviously. Just for silly-ness reasons!

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